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Keep window open in Winter.

Many people criticise the transfer window as an opportunity for the richer clubs to buy there way either a) out of trouble or b) towards some success. The window isn’t just an opportunity for the more affluent clubs managers whimsy it also gives struggling clubs a final roll of  the dice to try and bring in much needed talent.
While the window may be far from perfect I believe it gives every club a fair chance to make signings they need. It’s not just the Manchester City’s and the Chelsea’s that benefit but teams from throughout the league. Everton a perfect example of a club with little finances making the most of the opportunity the window presents, in August the club bought Louis Saha for an undisclosed fee now’s he injured they’ve got Jo on loan for the rest of the season. That’s exactly why I think the window helps keep it all fair, without the window certain teams would be hindered by injuries but they’re given the chance to replace them.
The main reason I support the transfer window is because of the sheer excitement and drama it provides football fans thorough the land. From a journalism point of view  it generates much more news which can only be a good thing.
Last September who can forget the Berbatov saga on deadline day, then the colossal surprise that was felt throughout the world when Manchester City yes City, bought none other than Robinho, let’s not forget this was well and truly one of the most unexpected signings ever. It ranks up there with Man. United signing Cantona or even Cole.
Then there’s the chances the window generates for some of the youngsters that are loaned out to smaller clubs, this gives players the chance to gain real experience something that may not happen without the sense of urgency the window creates.
That’s not to say the window is without flaws, rash decisions are often made due to the lack of time managers have, then there is the old argument of teams with money buying players the poorer teams need but can’t keep hold of.
Firstly rash decisions are more often than not made by managers who are by nature rash themselves so to blame the window for their folly would be like blaming people who have expensive jewellery for encouraging muggers.
Secondly smaller teams can if they really want to hold onto their prized assets, just ask Big Sam Allardyce who stopped Roque Santa Cruz from joining the ‘worlds richest club’ by simply enforcing his contract.
If clubs want to hold on to their players more often than not they can, I just think that for many clubs the transfer window acts as a price-inflator enabling them to receive greater sums than they should for certain ‘stars.’ Manchester City (yes, them again) are believed to have paid around £18 million for Nigel De Jong, a player that they could have signed for just £1.8 million in the summer due to the terms of his contract.
Something new to football always generates a lot of discussion with many people falling into the “if it aint broke” school if thought, but let’s be honest people said that when foreign players entered the English game and look what they‘ve brought to it. Despite what its critics say, I for one hope the transfer window is here to stay.