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World cup diary – Germany v Ghana

Celebrating the 'Black Stars' qualifying after the match

Germany versus Ghana was a game that held the potential to be the icing on the cake of what had been an amazing day.
After leaving the pub following England’s epic victory over those football colossuses from Slovenia we had less than an hour and half to make it to Soccer city stadium in Johannesburg.

My three fellow journalists from England and I had met another Brit- Dave- in the Jolly Roger pub, who’d offered us a lift to the game, which we gratefully accepted.
Dave had hired a car for his stay in South Africa, despite asking for a Kia he’d had to make-do with a Mercedes as that was all they had left. Harsh times.

We set off for the stadium and almost immediately hit traffic; this was going to be problematic. Time was very much against us, the motorway was gridlocked and according to Dave’s satnav we were still 40 minutes from the stadium.
Fortunately the gods were smiling down on us, as if by magic an armed police convoy, escorting some dignitaries of some sort, came whizzing down the hard-shoulder. Now just by luck, good fortune/divine intervention, whatever you want to call it, these dignitaries happened to be driving Mercedes.
Without missing a beat Dave jumped in behind them, and we were on our way to the stadium at about 90mph with our very own police escort. Happy days.

Despite this escort we still only just made it- unfortunately they were going to a totally different part of the ground from us so could only take us so far- we managed to take our seats just after kick-off.
Now I’ve never been to Ghana, despite not properly checking I’m pretty sure I don’t have any Ghanaian ancestry, but with the opposition being Germany there was never any doubt who I would be supporting.
I’d managed to buy a Ghanaian flag just after the England game- for about 40 rand, the equivalent of 4 quid so with my vuvuzela blasting and my new found second teams colours on my back, I got into the swing of getting behind the ‘Black Stars.’

The atmosphere inside Soccer City was electric as usual, with the sound of vuvuzela’s reaching deafening levels, interspersed with the occasional chants of “Deutschland, Deutschland!”
My friends and I not knowing any Ghana chants, simply made up our own consisting of such gems as “we love you Ghana we do..” and also “Come on Ghana, come on Ghana..” One of the funniest things about the evening was the fact a few rows behind us were three England fans, who had a similar idea. They joined in the pro-Ghana chanting and one of them seemed to be Kevin Prince-Boateng’s biggest fan. Every time the Pompey midfielder got the ball the shout of “go on Prince!” could be heard quite clearly.
The game was a bit disappointing with Ghana looking stronger at first but being let down by some poor finishing.

As one would expect the Germans were well organised and efficient, eventually creating an opening which was well dispatched by a dark haired midfielder with no eyebrows.
It wasn’t all doom and gloom for ‘us’ Ghanaians as due to the Aussies beating Serbia ‘we’ were through.
As we left the stadium thousands of Germans were singing and rejoicing at the prospect of a second round clash with England.

Me and my two mates decided to join in by singing England songs which was met with a lot of funny looks.
My mate Alex was draped in a St.George’s flag and did his best to get in as many German photos as possible in a Budweiser-fuelled frenzy.
Leaving the stadium and making our way back to the park and ride a Ghana fan, obviously a little worse for wear asked me: “Did we qualify?”
When I told him that yes, ‘we’ had qualified he started dancing and hugging his companion- probably the only two Ghanaians in Soccer City who didn’t know they were through to the last 16.
A brilliant night, everyone’s a winner….let’s just hope England are!