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Always look on the bright side of life

Anderson found scouse humour somewhat strange

Anderson found scouse humour somewhat strange

It’s been a somewhat disappointing start to the season for Manchester United, with last-minute goals conceded, a season-ending injury to a star player and former big issue sellers –rather than German superstars -joining the club.  

However while missing out on Mesut Ozil, and being a few minutes away from a perfect league start is annoying it is far from the end of the season- unfortunately the same can’t be said for Antonio Valencia.  No amount of optimism or sugar-coating will hide the fact that the Ecuadorian’s injury is a massive blow to United as he was one of the shining stars in last-season’s campaign.

I’ve still not been able to bring myself to watch it on television- I was sat near enough when it happened to see all I want to of that horrific injury and the reaction of the Ranger’s players said it all.

My main concern with Valencia is not whether we see him this season but that he’s able to re-capture the form he showed last season and this isn’t a Neil Webb –ask your dad- type injury that robs him of a lot of talent.

The feeling around United following the non-event that was a goalless draw against far inferior opposition is that the start to the season has been something of a letdown with needless points dropped, Wayne Rooney making the news for all the wrong reasons, not to mention the –still- ongoing saga of United’s number four.  Some fans –including me- are beginning to resemble the cast of Eastenders, looking ready to burst into fits of rage or just sink into a mood of melancholy at the drop of any more points.

While Owen  Hargreaves is looking about as likely to play for United again as Carlos Tevez, the squad at Old Trafford still has enough quality to challenge for major honours- at least in theory.

The names Rafael Van Der Vaart, Tom Cleverley and Ozil have been spoken about more in the past few days by many United fans and while any of those three would be useful to the squad there’s still a wealth of talent available.

Anderson and  Michael Carrick have yet to really figure this season and both players know that this could be their last season at Old Trafford if they don’t step up their game. While I’ve been critical of both players in the past, I still think they’ve got enough talent to play a big part and hopefully they will.

When it comes to the points United have dropped- and believe me I was as frustrated as anyone at the final whistle of both away games- it’s still not as bad as it may seem.

Chelsea of course have gotten off to a flier but considering their form at the back end of last season and the fixtures they faced can anyone have expected anything less?  

The likes of Wigan, WBA, Stoke and West Ham are the sort of games Carlo Ancelotti would probably have chosen as his first four of the season if he had the choice. Now I’m not getting into any conspiracy theory here that Chelsea have deliberately been given an easy ride but let’s face facts no one can really have expected the Champions to drop points against those teams.

United’s two away fixtures have been  more difficult than any games Chelsea have had so far this season and while the manner of the draws is frustrating there’s still a chance that Ancelotti’s men may return from both grounds with less than maximum points.

It must also be remembered that from the corresponding fixtures last season, United took no points whatsoever, so it’s not all doom and gloom just yet.

While the draw with Rangers was without a doubt one of the most boring 90 minutes I’ve witnessed since England took on the titans from Algeria it’s still need to be put into perspective. Yes, Sir  Alex Ferguson should not have changed ten of his players from the previous game and yes that is the sort of match where the term ‘banker’ could not be more apt- unless applied to someone who works in a bank of course- but you’d still expect United to top their group.

Going to places like Valencia, Glasgow and anywhere in Turkey is never easy for teams but they’re hardly the cream of Europe and quite frankly if Fergie’s men can’t get a result from those games then the Champion’s League is beyond them anyway.  I fully expect Fergie to realise the limits of which players he can and cannot leave out- he’s already admitted as much about Dimitar Berbatov – and play a much stronger side in the remaining games.

When it comes to Rooney- although his performance against Rangers was subdued- he’s shown enough in the game against West Ham and for England that he’s putting his World Cup and subsequent  ladies of the night debacle behind him and getting back –slowly- to being the striker we all know he is.

Fortunately for Wazza unlike last season, this time round he actually has a world-class partner who’s playing like he is actually world –class so it’s not all up to him to provide United’s goals.  Berbatov’s start to the season- while far from perfect has been a massive improvement on last term and he’s looking sharp.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, United lost the title last season not due to defensive frailties but simply because of an over-reliance on Rooney- Chelsea had Frank Lampard to lighten Didier Drogba’s goal load- who did United have?- other than possibly ‘own goals.’

If Berbatov can hit 20 goals this season then United stand a good chance of seeing the title return to the ‘Theatre of Dreams.’

The main worry defensively is the recent penchant for conceding late goals, what united need is a world-class defender with bags of experience who can help steady the ship, oh erm hang on. The return of Rio Ferdinand is exactly what’s needed and if he can stay fit then the one really worrying factor of United’s play this season could be resolved.

Even the Valencia injury may not be season-ending with recent reports indicating he could play a part at the back end of the season.  There’s also Gabriel Obertan to return who may well rise to the challenge of filling one of last season’s members of the PFA team of the year’s boots. Obertan has show signs in the reserves that he’s the real deal- now’s his chance to prove it.  

The point I’m making is that while it’s not been the start many United fans were hoping for, it’s far from the disaster certain people- including those in the press who love to see United fail- would have us believe.

What United could really do with is a home game against an arch-rival who are really struggling, to get the mood and confidence buzzing around Old Trafford again. If only we had a game like that coming up……………


Why there’s still hope for Hargreaves

Fergie and the curly haired one discussing the City mural

Fergie and the curly haired one discussing the City mural

Sir Alex Ferguson, will have to take time off from showing FIFA dignitaries round Old Trafford and ignoring the BBC to pick his final 25 man Premier League squad this week.

The deadline is the 31st August by which time Fergie needs to have chosen 25 players for his squad which will last until the transfer window re-opens in January. Eight of these players must have spent at least three years at an English or Welsh club three years prior to turning 21.

The recent United reserve game against ‘Noisy Neighbours Kamikaze Spending’ XI highlighted the strength in-depth at the manager’s disposal.

With the likes Wes Brown, Gary Neville, Anderson, Rafael Da Silva, Darron Gibson and Kiko Macheda all starting for the reserves it shows not only just how strong the United squad is but also how difficult it is going to be to keep everyone happy.

Fortunately for Fergie, players under the age of 21 don’t count towards the 25 so it will make the United manager’s task a hell of a lot easier as of the new recruits this summer only Chicharito is over the age of 21, while many fringe members of the squad have yet to reach that milestone.

The home grown rule will affect United a lot less than some other Premier League teams as the core of United’s squad is made up of English players.

Rio Ferdinand, Wes Brown, Gary Neville, Michael Carrick, Paul Scholes, Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney are all obviously English, while Jonny Evans, John O’Shea, Darren Fletcher and Darron Gibson have been here for at least three years since before they turned 21. Oh and there’s also that welsh bloke who plays on the wing now and again.
The fact is filling the home grown quota shouldn’t be a problem so the rumours of Mickey Phelan making a comeback to bolster the squad are totally unfounded.

Due to players who aren’t ’21′ not needing to be registered it means the likes of Macheda- who bagged a brace for the reserves last night -Tom Cleverley- who grabbed the other goal- Rafael and Fabio Da Silva, Chris Smalling, Gabriel Obertan and Bebe can be brought in and out of United’s match day squad without any drama.

There is of course the question of Owen Hargreaves and whether Fergie will name the perpetually injured midfielder.
The answer I believe is yes, simply because he can afford to. The fact that players who aren’t 21 when the season year starts, not the actual season itself, don’t need registering means that players who have turned 21 in the past few months, such as Obertan and Cleverley won’t count. That rule could be the one that saves Hargreaves’ United career, as it leaves space for him to be included.

If Hargreaves is likely to return to ‘fitness’ anytime in the next few months there are still the doubts regarding how the player’s confidence has been affected by his ongoing injury saga, a point Fergie has raised in the past.

With his contract due to expire in the summer, he may struggle to find a new deal at United, however at least for the time being he does still have a United future. By my reckoning United will actually only need to name a 24 man squad due to amount of youngsters they’ve got.

Here’s the 24 men I believe will be named by Fergie next week.

Edwin Van Der Sar, Tomas Kuzczak

Wes Brown, Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, John O’Shea, Patrice Evra, Jonny Evans, Richie De Laet.

Anderson, Michael Carrick, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Darren Fletcher, Nani, Antonio Valencia, Ji-Sung Park, Darron Gibson, Owen Hargreaves.

Michael Owen, Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov, Javier Hernandez.

Considering you can also add to that list the likes of Smalling, Fabio, Rafael, Obertan, Cleverley and Macheda then if injuries go United’s way there’s every reason to expect yet another title challenge this season.